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Report of May 15, 2012

Our Mission

The work has been centered in Kiev, Ukraine, since 1996. The primary focus of the ministry has been Bible teaching in seminaries and Bible schools in various countries of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Translating doctrinal Bible studies into Russian is an on-going work.



The purpose of James F. Myers Ministries is to provide sound Bible teaching in places where there has been limited access to such doctrinal teaching, to evangelize, to train spiritual leaders, to plant churches, to send out trained leaders to do evangelism, teaching, training, church planting, and to recruit more missionaries to work in this field.

Methods and Means

As an outgrowth of a home Bible study, Word of God church was planted in Kiev in 1999. In 2001 James F. Myers Ministries started a formal Bible college in Ukraine with a theological foundation based on a free grace gospel and a dispensational perspective for the training of pastors, evangelists, teachers and missionaries. In a relatively short period of time they planted other churches with pastors they have trained, and have sent out nationals as missionaries in Ukraine and to other countries.

The church in Kiev serves both as a model and a training facility for training leaders and workers through the worship services, the verse-by-verse and categorical Bible studies during the week, and the several outreach ministries in evangelism and Bible teaching for children, adolescents and adults.

The Bible school is still developing, with the curriculum becoming more vigorous all the time. The requirements include two years of Greek and Hebrew, survey of every book in the Bible, ten divisions of systematic theology, as well as courses in hermeneutics, apologetics and other subjects.

Most of the courses are taught by American pastors who come to Kiev to teach two-week modules of 30-40 hours of classroom work.

We will have 11 full-time students at the present time with the hope that this will increase in the coming year.


The major goals of our ministry for the coming year are to develop new ministries for our students who will be graduating in June and to get more theological material translated into Russian.

Our greatest current need is to find a building suitable for both church and school.

In addition to the ministries mentioned above, the Lord has also opened numerous other doors in Kazakhstan, Africa, Brazil and Moldova, for teaching in seminaries, Bible conferences and evangelistic crusades.

Our most urgent ongoing prayer needs:

bulletFreedom in Ukraine to continue ministry in this country
bulletMore workers to join us on a long-term basis
bulletSpiritual growth and ministries, health and provision of our national staff

Jim and Phyllis Myers
P.O. Box 25348
Houston, TX 77265

Phone: 713-480-7961

Contact James F. Myers Ministries directly by mail to the above address or telephone, or email us at jimmyers@pdq.net.

Studies in Russian are available at this web site.