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Spokane Bible Church regularly hosts Bible conferences. These conferences are for the growth of the body of Christ with attendance open to all. The next scheduled conference is noted below.

September 23-26, 2012 Announcement
2012 Conference Schedule


Spokane Bible Church Conference Philosophy

All believers, and especially those pastors and teachers, evangelists, teachers, and missionaries in so-called professional ministry, greatly benefit from fellowship, prayer, discussion, and teaching with other like-minded men. Spokane Bible Church is very thankful for the opportunity and privilege of serving you through Bible conference and seminars. These conferences are meant to be valuable times of instruction and learning, encouragement, refreshment, and fellowship. We enjoy visiting with old friends and making new ones; we discuss Bible doctrines; we encourage and challenge each other; we pray together and sing together. Our perspective becomes clarified, our teamwork becomes more evident, and we are better able to support each other in the various ministries and tests. We all become refreshed and ready to continue the spiritual battle with a sense of the team working together. I know that our congregation and I have been blessed through fellowship with you. We pray that you and your congregations have also been blessed.


Spokane Bible Church Bible Conferences and Seminar History

I. Bible Communicator Seminars


1.   Bible Communicator Seminar 1, “Greek Grammar and Syntax,” August 12-13, 1977, Philip Williams.

2.   Bible Communicator Seminar 2, “Greek Grammar and Syntax,” January 7, 1978, Philip Williams.

3.   Bible Communicator Seminar 3, “Old Testament and Hebrew Exegesis,” June 9, 1979, Bruce Waltke.

4.   Bible Communicator Seminar 4, “Old Testament and Hebrew Exegesis,” November 10, 1979, Bruce Waltke.

5.   Bible Communicator Seminar 5, Doctrinal Analysis of Biblical Topics, January 12, 1980, Tracy Bergquist, “Divorce”; Bruce Einspahr, “Demonism and Believers”; “Literature for the Bible Communicator,” Tod Kennedy.

6.   Bible Communicator Seminar 6, “The Practice of Old Testament Exegesis,” March 29, 1980,  Bruce Waltke.

7.   Bible Communicator Seminar 7, “Historical Theology-Church History,” August 29-30, 1980, John Hannah.

8.   Bible Communicator Seminar 8, “Scientific and Biblical Creationism,” May 15-16, 1981, Richard Bliss.

9.   Bible Communicator Seminar 9, Topical Discussions, July 17, 1981, “Moral Majority,” “Bruce Einspahr”;  and “Bible Seminar Planning,” Hugh Crowder and Tod Kennedy.

10. Bible Communicator Seminar 10, Topical Discussions, September 19, 1981, “Abortion,” Bruce Einspahr; “Sunday School,” Lloyd Meyers.

11. Bible Communicator Seminar 11, “Local Church Evangelism,” Hugh Crowder, Darrel Bellville, and Tod Kennedy.

12. Bible Communicator Seminar 12, “A Discussion of Literature about the Text of the New Testament,” February 13, 1982, chaired by Tod Kennedy.

13. Bible Communicator Seminar 13, “The Text of the New Testament: Majority Text Viewpoint,” April 9-10, 1982, Zane Hodges.

14. Bible Communicator Seminar 14, Doctrinal Presentations, June 26, 1982, “The New Heavens and the New Earth,” Bruce Einspahr; “Manifestations of the Fallen Human Nature,” Ken Jensen.

15. Bible Communicator Seminar 15, “Evangelism and Church Growth Update,” October 2, 1982.

16. Bible Communicator Seminar 16, “The Bible and Archeology,” February 4-6, 1983, Glenn Carnagey.

17. Bible Communicator Seminar 17, “Apologetics: The Defense of the Christian Faith,” May 9, 1983, Bob Bernard.

18. 2008 EvanTell, February 2, 2008. Hugh Crowder taught the You Can Tell It seminar.

19. 2009 EvanTell,  2000. Hugh Crowder taught the You Can Tell It seminar.


II. Bible Conferences


1.     1984 National Pastor-Teacher Conference,  October 22-26, 1884.

2.     1990 Memorial Weekend Conference, John Eichmann, Grace Military Ministry.

3.     1993 Spring Bible Conference, “Victory of Grace,” June 11-12, 1993, Zane Hodges.

4.     1995 Spring Bible Conference, “Speaker’s Choice of Topic,” May 12-14, 1995.

5.     1996 Spring Bible Conference, “Lordship Salvation and Free Grace Salvation,” May 17-19, 1996, Bob Wilkin, Grace Evangelical Society.

6.     1997 Spring Bible Conference, “Assurance of Salvation,” June 6-8, 1997, Bob Wilkin.

7.     1998 Spring Bible Conference, “Spreading the Word and Passing the Torch, Part 1,” May 14-17, 1998.

8.     1998 Fall Bible Conference, “Spreading the Word and Passing the Torch, Part 2,” October 8-11, 1998.

9.     1999 Spring Bible Conference, "Bible Prophecy, the Doctrine and the Application for Day to Day Living," April 22-25, 1999.

10. 1999 Fall Bible Conference, “The Book of Daniel,” October 7-10, 1999.


2000 Spring Bible Conference, “The Book of Galatians,” April 13-16, 2000. Cancelled.


11. 2000 Tenth Anniversary of Five Mile Church Building, June 16-18, 2000.

12. 2000 Fall Bible Conference, “The Book of Galatians,” September 21-24, 2000.

13. 2001 Spring Bible Conference, April 20-22, 2001. Hugh Crowder presented his “Study Guide for L. S. Chafer’s True Evangelism. Bruce Einspahr demonstrated the use of the computer in the study and in the pulpit. Bible class topics:  “Philippians 2,” “Proofs of the Resurrection”, and “Increasing our Belief, John 11.”

14. 2001 Fall Bible Conference, September 13-16, 2001. “Church Planting,” “Tent-Making,” “Bible Heroes and Villains,”  “Reformed criticism of Dispensationalism via Scripture.”

15. 2001 Fall Bible Conference, September 13-16, 2001. The attack on the World Trade Building occurred on September 11, 2001. Air traffic was stopped. Many had to cancel. We recognized our nation at war with terrorists. Bible topics taught and discussed were “Church Planting and Discipleship,” “The Samaritan Woman and Witnessing,” “Building on the Foundation, 1 Corinthians 3,” and “Leadership.”

16. 2002 Spring Bible Conference, March 24-27, 2002. Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries was the speaker. His topics: “The Jews and Bible Prophecy,” “Israelology,” “Reformed and Covenant View of Israel in Prophecy,” “Messianic Assemblies,” and “Question and Answers.”

17. 2002 Fall Bible Conference, September 12-15, 2002. Possibly topic is Communicating the Word of God for Understanding, Spiritual Growth, and Application.

18. 2003 Spring Bible Conference, April 24-27, 2003. Numerous pastors spoke. John Niemela, George Meisinger, Bruce Einspahr, and Hugh Crowder were among the speakers. The round table topic was the local Church and teaching styles, content levels, and church service form. Dr Glenn Carnagey went to be with the Lord while traveling to the conference. He died in the Minneapolis airport.

19. 2006 Spring Bible Conference, April 9-12, 2006. Arnold Fruchtenbaum was the guest speaker for the evenings. His topic was prophecy and the Jews. This included a lesson on the Arab states and prophecy. We also had various pastors teach during the day sessions.

20. 2007 Spokane Bible Church Fall Bible Conference, October 14-17, 2007. This conference has the purpose to encourage, refresh, teach, and build spiritual camaraderie in the ministry—the fellowship of the ministry. We have a morning devotional study, prayer, and long teaching session. Then lunch, roundtable, and then evening of two sessions.

21. 2008 Fall Bible Conference, October 12-15, 2008. The conference purpose remains as above. We had many classes and three round table discussions. A special highlight was Moses Onwubiko of Grace Evangelistic Ministries.

22. 2009 Fall Bible Conference, October 11-14, 2009. The conference purpose remains as above. We will have many classes and three round table discussions. A special highlight will be Dr Thomas Ice, Director of Pre-Trib Research Center and Pastor Bruce Bumgardner of Pine Valley Bible Church.

23. 2010 Fall Bible Conference, October 17-20, 2010. The conference purpose remains as above. We will have many classes and three round table discussions. Special keynote speaker was John Cross of Good Seed, International. John has written many books including The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, By This Name, What Are Christmas and Easter All About?, and The Lamb.



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