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Christ's Life, Chronology


Taken from Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ by Harold W. Hoehner. Zondervan, 1977. Page 143

Chronological Table of Christ’s Life



Christ’s birth:  Winter 5/4 B.C. (7 B.C. Titus Kennedy)

Herod the Great’s death: March/April 4 B.C.

Prefects began to rule over Judea and Samaria: A.D. 6

Christ at the temple when twelve: Passover, April 29, A.D 7

Caiaphas became high priest: A.D. 18

Pilate arrived in Judea: A.D. 26

Start of John the Baptist’s ministry:  A.D. 29

Start of Christ’s ministry: Summer/autumn A.D. 29

Christ’s first Passover (Jn 2.13): April 7, 30

John the Baptist imprisoned:  A.D. 30 or 31

Christ’s second Passover: April 25, 31

John the Baptist’s death: A.D. 31 or 32

Christ at the Feast of Tabernacles (Jn 5.1): October 21-28, 31

Christ’s third Passover (Jn 6.4): April 13/14, 32

Christ at the Feast of Tabernacles (Jn7.2,10): Sept 10-17, 32

Christ at the Feast of Dedication (Jn 10.22-39): Dec 18, 32

Christ’s final week: March 28-April 5, 33

Arrived at Bethany: Saturday, March 28

Crowds at Bethany: Sunday, March 29

Triumphal entry:  Monday, March 30

Cursed the fig tree and cleansed temple: Tuesday, March 31

Temple controversy and Olivet discourse: Wednesday, April 1

Christ ate Passover, betrayed, arrested, and tried: Thurs April 2

Christ tried and crucified: Friday, April 3

Christ laid in the tomb: Saturday, April 4

Christ resurrected: Sunday, April 5

Christ’s ascension (Acts 1): Thursday, May 14, 33

Day of Pentecost (Acts 2): Sunday, May 24, 33


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